76mm Grenade Launchers Overview

Vehicles operating in threating environments have relied on Wegmann obscurant protection systems for over 50 years.  Effective deployment of smoke and other obscurants gives a vehicle crew the opportunity to escape from a surprise battlefield threat and the ability to reengage the enemy on more favorable footing.

Wegmann 76 mm launchers were developed in conjunction with the German Armed Forces and ammunition suppliers.  This collaborative process resulted in a system standard that ensures Wegmann launchers and the ammunition developed for these launchers is always interoperable and further, that the ammunition payloads are delivered efficiently and with the greatest effect.

Unlike competing launcher systems, Wegmann’s standard 76 mm multi-purpose launcher tube has two distinct firing circuits.  One circuit is dedicated to obscurant ammunition, and the other to HE (fragmentation) ammunition.  Users can thereby tailor their ammunition loading for the mission.  The Wegmann launcher control systems permit the discriminated firing of each type of ammunition.