After Action Review Station

The After Action Review (AAR) station can be used standalone or in conjunction with an Observer Module in place of the trainers IOS, allowing simultaneous training and briefing. The AAR has all the functionality of the IOS need to review student performance.

Console: The AAR is built around a control console (desk).

IOS Management Interface (IMI): The IMI is used to enable the capabilities provided to the instructor to control the trainee, exercise, and the computer generated forces. It includes a color monitor, mouse and keyboard.

Situational Awareness Monitor: An instructor selectable 2D and/or 3D map view which is a simple version of what is seen in the training environment. Additionally, data such as line of sight, threat zones, entity paths, trigger points, phase lines, map symbol, force trackers, and map coordinates can be set as overlays to augment the base content.

Stealth View Monitor and Sight Display: Provides a “birdseye” view of the battlefield scenario. It includes a color monitor and space mouse for 6 DOF tracking and visualization. A switch enables the display of the gunners sight view which is a replication of what is presented to the trainee.

Loudspeakers: A COTS speaker system which plays Radio and intercom traffic that occurred during the recorded training event.