Contract Manufacturing Services

Wegmann USA Inc. (Wegmann) has established its resume as a manufacturer of military hardware for use by the US Army, Navy, Marine Corps as well as foreign militaries. The employees at Wegmann’s state of the art manufacturing facility have been producing Abrams Main Battle Tank (MBT) ammunition racks, gear boxes for the M777 lightweight towed howitzer, and/or two stage penetrating bomb components, as well as other military hardware for more than 25 years. Wegmann’s pure manufacturing talents are enhanced by its history of design, program management, and product support activity. Wegmann’s hardware manufacturing career began with its relationship with parent company Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) who has designed, developed, and delivered some of the premier military vehicles on the planet. KMW is, in fact, the designer and developer of the Ammunition Racks used in the USMC’s/Army’s main battle tanks.

Wegmann USA has a long and proud history of performing “build to specification” sub-contract manufacturer for larger defense contractors working on US and FMS programs, as well as directly for US government agencies. Wegmann’s skill set makes it particularly well suited for industries requiring high quality and record keeping standards. The company possesses strong diverse capabilities in areas such as: machining, welding, assembly, quality management, quality inspection, program management, import/export regulations, ITAR compliance and materials procurement. Wegmann has established a well-managed supply chain for any needed outside services, and is an ISO -9001 registered company.