Instructor Operating Station

Easy to use Instructor Operator Interface for conducting and managing training:

  • Bird’s eye Stealth view and 2D and/or 3D map views
  • Comprehensive instructor and scoring tools
  • Drag & drop creation, on-the-fly modification, execution and rehearsal of exercises
  • Plug & play networking to other simulators for platoon, convoy, and combined arms training
  • Observation, record, and playback of simulated event
  • No exercise compilation required
  • Storage of exercises in structured exercise libraries is supported
  • Networkable using DIS/ HLA protocol

The training session for all KMW and Wegmann simulators is controlled from an Instructor Operator Station (IOS).

The following displays are integrated:

  • Vehicle status information display
  • IMI® Graphical User Interface
  • Stealth view display
  • Daughter display of the student view
  • Surveillance camera to supervise the trainee inside the simulator cabin

Other controls for the instructor are

  • controls for activation and deactivation of the motion system including safety switches
  • a microphone and a touch-screen to control radio/intercom to communicate to the trainee
  • keyboard, mouse
  • a 3D “space” mouse to control stealth view
  • a printer
  • a speaker is integrated for the output of the sound-simulation and communication

A unique feature of Wegmann USA IOS is the addition of our student grading software.  This is highly integrated with this training program and is able to score 95% of all of objective factors leaving only the small 5% of subjective factors up to an instructor to grade. This makes the training and grading extremely fair and fast allowing for a high-level of the student throughput.