The Wegmann USA Quality System:

  • is ISO 9001/2008 compliant and has been registered since January 15, 2001 under registration number QSR-687.
  • has demonstrated the ability to manage part and material traceability.
  • makes use of CMMs, and Portables Measuring Arms with non-contact laser, having a measuring envelope up to 6 1⁄2ft in diameter. (Key Equipment Lists are included at the end of this presentation)
  • integrates CAD models into inspection programs used by CMM’s and Portable Measuring Arms.
  • has an environmentally controlled metrology laboratory.
  • maintains a full compliment of precision measuring instruments and hard gages.
  • has personnel trained and examined following SNT-TC-1A for our dye penetrant inspection and magnetic particle inspection practices.
  • performs simple non-destructive testing for features such as hardness, plating thickness, and paint thickness.
  • employs quality inspection personnel with more than 20 years of experience in a machining, and equipment manufacturing environment.