Joint Stand-Off Weapon (JSOW)

Wegmann USA has been manufacturing Follow Through Bomb Bodies, Hangers, and other associated components for the U.S Navy’s Joint Stand-Off Weapon (JSOW) program for or more than 10 years.

Perhaps the most interesting process Wegmann developed for the JSOW program involved procuring 30ft long 12in diameter forged steel bars, sawing these in to 39in lengths which weight 800lbs each, from which we precision machine a 250lb bomb body involving extremely close dimensions.

Wegmann USA has used its strong diverse capabilities in areas such as: machining, welding, assembly, quality management, quality inspection, program management, materials procurement, and import/export management to fulfil the requirements of the JSOW program.

Additionally, Wegmann has worked closely with our well established and well managed supply chain for outside services such as large component plating, and specialty gun coat painting, to carry out the JSOW program.