The Stryker Gunnery Trainer was developed for the US National Guard to train gunnery and crew coordination focused on the vehicle’s crew. The primary task of the training device is to provide full crew gunnery. The main focus of the training is the gunner who is the main operator of the weapon system.  The student is presented with a detailed mockup of their controls which replicate the tactical vehicle.  The virtual M151 Remote Weapon Station is able to simulate the M2, M240, and MK19 and can be configured as a standalone Desk top trainer. 

Optimized for gunnery and combat training - available in several configurations

The Gunnery Trainer is a simulation system which provides training for the vehicles entire crew. All necessary components to give the commander, gunner and driver an authentic environment, are provided. The system includes a fully functional weapon simulator with and driver’s compartment to train the driver as an integral crew member.

An integrated failure input system enables the instructor to inject system failures to train the crew on

Control of normal weapon operations and weapon malfunctions are available to the instructor.


  • Basic individual handling and Crew gunnery
  • Emergency procedures
  • Weapon malfunctions
  • Simulated sights, simulated vision blocks
  • Simplified driver´s station
  • Networked to other gunnery/combat simulators for platoon training

The Stryker-GT incorporates these COTS Products by Wegmann USA: