U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) currently is utilizing sixteen (16) of these devices to provide Crew Gunnery Training (driver & gunner) for their Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV). Additionally these have the capability to network the systems to provide training for platoon operations and above.

The USMC Program Manager for Training Systems (PM TRASYS) has procured these 16 AAV-TTs based upon the requirements of the Training and Education Command - Marine Air-Ground Task Force Training Simulation Branch (TECOM MTSB) to support the newly implemented Gate-to-Live-Fire gunnery standard.  This allows the Marines to save time and money in a safe and consistent environment increasing efficiency and accountability of training.

For optimal training of armored vehicle crews a high-definition virtual environment. Intelligent and realistic behaviors of targets and weapons effects in simulated combat provide ideal training conditions. Mission preparation and joint operations can be trained in a virtual database that simulates the battlefield.

  • Simulated optical sights, vision blocks, thermal image and image intensifiers
  • Precise weapon system simulation
  • Networked to other gunnery/combat simulators for platoon training
  • Virtual training of joint operations
  • Virtual simulation of dismounted infantry commanded by voice commands for Infantry Fighting Vehicles
  • Available in two primary configurations to meet specific training needs:
  • Institutional: 360° out-of-the-hatch view: complete crew training with full mechanical weapon simulation for 100% realistic turret training
  • Container-based: simplified weapon simulation and 360° virtual below-of-hatch view to gain system mobility and reduced infrastructure requirements

The AAV-TT incorporates these COTS Products by Wegmann USA: